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Tzield: Delaying Diabetes

There have been some truly groundbreaking advances in diabetes over the past decade. With more accurate continuous glucose monitors, automated insulin delivery systems continue to get closer to the dream of a fully “closed-loop” system. New medications are also available for people with diabetes that help protect kidney and heart health, as well as improving …

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Mixing Alcohol and Diabetes

With the holiday season upon us, you may find yourself being offered more wine, beer, and mixed drinks than usual. If you have diabetes, there’s a bit more to consider than whether you prefer red or white wine. It’s important to understand how alcohol affects the body and what that means for your diabetes care. …

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Feelings of Guilt among Parents of Children Living with Diabetes: Unshackling the Chains

Type 1 diabetes is a life-changing diagnosis for both children and their parents. Many parents experience feelings of guilt around the time of diagnosis as well as thereafter. Although this feeling is common, understanding guilt and how it influences parenting can allow you to decide if and how you might want guilt to play a …

Feelings of Guilt among Parents of Children Living with Diabetes: Unshackling the Chains Read More »


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Question from United Kingdom:
Why is the consultant saying our son could have type 2 diabetes when he was diagnosed as type 1 in December 2021?
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